1981 Fleishman custom 5 string Electric Upright Bass
1967 Gibson EB-2 hollowbody – cherry finish, rosewood fingerboard
1940s Kay “no name” string bass w/ Barbera pickup
1986 G&L Fretless L-2000 bass – white finish, ebony fingerboard
1986 G&L Fretted L-2000 bass – transparent blue finish – maple board (currently on display at the Musicians Hall of Fame)
G&L ASAT bass with vibrato bridge
G&L L-2500 5 string fretless bass - green finish
1980’s Music Man 5 string bass – blue finish – maple fingerboard
1963 Fender Precision – natural finish – rosewood fingerboard
2007 Sadowsky 4 string - quilted maple, transparent gold finish
1997 Reverend Rumblefish 4 string – "bug eye" black chrome finish - rosewood board
1997 Reverend Rumblefish 5 string – turquoise finish – rosewood fingerboard
Reverend Brad Houser 5 string bass – black/silver finish – rosewood board
1964 Framus Star bass – short scale hollowbody – red/black finish – rosewood board
1970s Framus Nashville 4 string bass – natural finish
2007 Alleva-Coppolo custom 5 string jazz style bass – burnt orange finish, rosewood board
Modulus 4 string bass - red/gold finish, single pickup
Gold Tone Banjo Bass - natural finish
Gold Tone 25" scale acoustic Micro Bass
Gold Tone Dobro bass
1980s Gibson Thunderbird fretted 4 string – gold finish, custom black pickguard
1980s Gibson Thunderbird fretted 4 string – gold finish, custom black pickguard
Yamaha TRB 5 – natural finish – rosewood fingerboard
1960s EKO short scale bass – “mother of toilet seat” finish, rosewood board
Lakland Jerry Scheff 5 string bass – turquoise finish – maple fingerboard
“No Name” Mexican 4 string acoustic bass guitar
1980s Washburn 4 string acoustic bass guitar
2011 Guild 4 string acoustic bass guitar
1967 German made Klira “Beatle Bass” 4 string bass guitar
Dean hollowbody "Gretsch style" 4 string bass – orange finish
Dean 10 string (5x2) natural dark finish
Little 4 string Torzal bass – natural finish – helix fingerboard
Kudela custom 4 string bass guitar – natural finish
Kala U-Bass hollowbody fretted 4 string – natural finish
Kala U-Bass hollowbody fretless 4 string – natural finish
Kala U-Bass solid body 5 string - grey finish
Boulder Creek 5 string acoustic bass guitar - natural finish
Boulder Creek 4 string fretless acoustic bass guitar
Jerry Jones 6 string Danolectro style bass guitar – gold finish
Music Man 6 string bass guitar - black finish
1960s Silvertone 4 string bass guitar – red/black sunburst
Tiesco Del Rey 4 string bass guitar – red finish
Hamer 12 string bass guitar – orange/red sunburst
R.M. Mottola Bass "Family" - standard, piccolo, 2 piccolino basses, natural finish
Wishnevsky "Banana Bass" - large plywood bass w Danolectro neck and tele pickup
Wishnevsky 4 string fretless hollowback bass guitar

Tube Tech MEC-1A Recording channel
Trace Elliot Valve-Type preamp
Ampeg SVT preamp
Line 6 Bass Pod Pro
Avalon U5 Direct Box

Roland GT-10B Multi-effects
Roland RC-50 and RC-300 Loopers
Roland SE-70 and VF-1 Multi Effects
Pigtronix Echolution delay pedal
Pigtronix Mothership synth pedal
Pigtronix Infinity looper
Tech 21 Sans Amp distortion
SWR Mo'Bass Preamp
Morley Volume Pedal
Morley Volume/Wah
Morley Bass Wah
Morley ABY Signal Combiner

Genzler Amplification Magellan 800 Watt Head
Genzler 12-3 and 10-2 Speaker Cabinets
SWR Red Head (2)
SWR Natural Blonde (2)
SWR WorkingPro 12 (2)
Trace Elliot - V-Type