The Keemosabees at Puckett's Saturday October 12th 2019 - 8:30pm

Saturday October 12th 2019 - 8:30pm

The Keemosabees are three of Nashville’s most versatile musicians, songwriters, and singers. Ricky Ray (guitar/vocals), Dave Pomeroy (bass/vocals) and Rick Lonow (drums/vocals) are longtime friends who joined forces as the Keemosabees in 2013. Individually, they have worked with and written songs for dozens of iconic artists from Waylon Jennings, Don Williams and Chet Atkins to Etta James, Peter Frampton, and Earl Scruggs. Collectively, Ricky, Dave and Rick are combining their diverse influences into co-writing, recording and performing as the Keemosabees, and their live performances are dynamic, soulful and unpredictable. Come down and feel the groove!