Dave is running for AFM International Vice President!

Friday April 14th 2023 - 1:03am -- davepomeroy

After serving 4 terms as an AFM International Executive Board member, Dave has announced that he is running for International Vice President at the upcoming AFM's 102nd Convention in June 2023 in Las Vegas. He will continue his 15-year run as President of the Nashville Musicians Association, AFM Local 257, and is running as part of the "Team Progress" slate, headed by Tino Gagliardi running for AFM President, and including Ken Shirk (Secretary/Treasurer) Alan Willaert for Canadian VP, Pomeroy, and Tina Morrison, Ed Malaga, Stephanie O'Keefe, Tracy Whitney, and Luc Fortin. All the Team Progress members have significant experience in various areas of AFM leadership, Here is Dave's statement announcing his run for AFM VP...

"I am proud of all that the AFM has accomplished since I was first elected to the International Executive Board at the 2010 Convention. From that moment, we had no choice but to immediately address issues that had been neglected far too long. Through teamwork, cooperation, and open, honest engagement with our members and the music industry we managed to maneuver towards the future. No one could have seen the pandemic coming, yet we survived that and are stronger than ever. The monetary value of music and its higher purpose of making the world a better place are not mutually exclusive. The music business doesn’t have to be a win-lose proposition, it can be good for everyone if we treat each other right. I will continue to advocate for respect for musicians in all areas, and look forward to taking it up a notch as we move into the future." Dave Pomeroy - Team Progress