One In A Million

Paco Shipp
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Paco Shipp is a multifaceted singer, songwriter, and musician, perhaps best known for his virtuoso harmonica playing, which has landed him recording work with iconic artists such as Johnny Cash, Bill Anderson, and Billy Joe Shaver. Paco also recorded with A.J. Croce, along with Jim Keltner, T Bone Burnett, and Ron Carter, in addition to touring with acclaimed bands such as the Bel-Aires and the Jamie Hartford Band.

“One In a Million” is a collection of 12 songs that show the full range of Paco’ musical soul. In addition to his stunning harmonica work, including his unique simulation of Hammond organ sounds with harp and effects, Paco’s guitar playing, previously unheard on record, fuses Delta blues slide playing, fingerpicked folk and country styles, and bracing electric leads, all of which match the power and emotion of his songs perfectly. Combined with his distinctive voice, at times reminiscent of Mark Knopfler, J.J. Cale and John Prine, and a stellar batch of new songs, “One In A Million” is the sound of an artist who has found his true voice.

The CD was produced by Nashville bassist Dave Pomeroy, and features guest appearances by bluegrass instrumental trio Three Ring Circle, and guitarists Guthrie Trapp (Jerry Douglas Band) Jamie Hartford, and Ray Flacke, but without question the star of the show is Paco himself. From the funky grooves and cryptic lyrics of “Down Here” and “My Friend Abraham”, to the tender title track and the atmospheric “Everything You Do”, and the greasy blues of “Selling Everything” and the Delta rave-up “Sister Mary”, this record is the complete picture of a man and artist who is exactly that - “One In A Million”.

For the past few years, Paco has been hard at work reinventing his musical persona and revealing the results to the world. His debut solo CD, Tip of the Tongue, released on Earwave Records in 2004, showcased a series of instrumental duets, in addition to unveiling singing and songwriting chops that perfectly complement his instrumental prowess. SInce then, Paco’s “60 second harp clinic” and performance videos on YouTube have been viewed over 90,000 times, and with the release of “One In A Million”, Paco’s career has taken yet another quantum leap.