Tomorrow Never Knows

Dave Pomeroy
Price: $9.00

The long awaited follow up to “Basses Loaded” was worth the wait! Dave plays and sings every note on a stellar collection of vocal and instrumental tunes. Highlights include Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful”, Dave’s soulful original songs “River” and “You are Not Alone” plus the John Lennon - penned title track. "A sonic marvel and magnum opus of bass orchestration." Chris Jisi - Bass Player Magazine

Tomorrow Never Knows Reviews
"Whoever coined the phrase ‘if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself’ must have had the latest endeavor from studio bassist extraordinaire, Dave Pomeroy in mind. With Tomorrow Never Knows, his second outing as a leader, Pomeroy continues with his conceptual explorations into "all-bass" music. By combining his world-class skills as a bassist with his highly revered songwriting, arranging, and production abilities, Pomeroy has single-handedly orchestrated one of the most impressive all-bass projects ever recorded. He performed all of the instrumentation on this recording with thirty-three different electric and acoustic basses. Unbelieveable!

Pomeroy demonstrates the full spectrum of modern bass techniques and utilizes a couple unorthodox methods along the way. The recording remains well balanced throughout. His tones are rich, his grooves are pulsating, and his solos will keep you humming melodies for days. Bottom Line: Only Dave Pomeroy could pull off a project of this magnitude. Tomorrow Never Knows is a must have for those who thought the electric bass was limited to its traditional, supportive role. Dave Pomeroy represents the best of the best. Innovative, Imaginative, and Inspiring.”
-- Cliff Engel - BASSICALLY.NET

“In an age of computers and synthesizers, WHAT can be done is not so amazing anymore. What is and will always be difficult is making music somebody wants to listen to. This is Dave’s virtuosity. He has created a sonic journey through 12 distinct landscapes, full of rich sounds and colors that seem to be constantly evolving. The tunes are catchy, Dave’s vocals are warm and personal, and the music really surrounds you. It’s like surfing through jello - you don’t know where you’re going, the sounds are thick and vibratory with constantly shifting colors, but you always feel supported. He has created rich complex musical structures with no sharp edges and plenty of fun.”
-- Austin Balmear - JAZZ AND BLUES NEWS

“The Beatles classic gets a space music makeover here. The bowed and processed bass work is mindwarping. In fact, every sound on the album is some kinda bass thing or another. Zowie!”
-- Robert K. Oermann - MUSIC ROW